Israel High Tech & Innovation Industries Association

Israel High Tech & Innovation Industries Association represents Israel's hi-tech and software industries, the driving force of Israel's economy and the principal factor behind Israel's economic growth over the past thirty years. IAESI encompasses some 300 companies engaged in electronics, semi-conductors, communications, electro-optics, medical instrumentation, security systems, and software. <br>

• Leading the High Tech industries of Israel toward development and sales revenue increase.


• To lead, influence and represent its members to the decision makers in the government and the Knesset, in order to promote the interests of the high tech industries.


• Expanding  and extending the international market for Israeli industry, by creating new opportunities and global cooperation initiatives.


• Promoting technological and scientific education as it is the central component of the industry's strength, and essential for its growth.

• Expansion of the industry to the periphery, through geographical distribution  of plants in peripheral areas, as well as by training suitable manpower from the local populations.


• Promoting the professional and economic interests of the High Tech industries, as part of overall national goals.

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