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The Israel high-tech Industries is the engine of economic growth. A complete correlation was found between the development of this industry and the growth of the Israeli economy.
More than 50 percent of Israel's industrial exports are manufactured by the high-tech industry. Despite a series of crises experienced by the industry in recent years, from the sharp appreciation of the shekel to the global economic crisis, the high-tech industry knows how to find its way to growth every year.
In 2015, sales reached $ 32 billion, with more than 86% of these sales exported. which would not be the case had it not been for its ability to offer top innovation and top quality to the world.

The Israeli high-tech industry has become a brand in the eyes of the countries of the world, thus glorifying the name of the state among the nations of the world. Delegations from all over the globe come to learn and duplicate Israel's achievements in their own countries.

Israel is justifiably proud of this development, but it also presents ever-increasing competitive challenges in the global market. Therefore, Israel must never remain complacent. Israel must ensure that this industry continues to flourish and overcome all challenges, while maintaining its growth.

Israel's decision makers, in the government and the Knesset, recognize the importance and contribution of the hi-tech industry to the economic well-being of the State and as this industry is Israel's leading growth engine; it is not sufficient to recognize its importance and to be proud of its achievements, but rather to take action. The Association works and continues to work for the high-tech industries in Israel, in order to help the industry continue to successfully compete in the ever-growing competition and at the same time continue to grow.


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