Words of the CEO


Welcome to the new site for the High Tech & Innovation industries in Israel.
I am honored to introduce you to Association's website.
On the website, you will be able to find information about the following:
companies that are members in the association, their activities and their specialties.

In the Web Site you can also find:

*The Chief Scientist and The Israel Innovation Authority in the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

*The Standard Institution of Israel.

*Foreign delegations that come to Israel.


*Conferences, forums and seminars.


Our catalogue, which will be distributed to all the government's sources, to the Israel attaches abroad, to the foreign attaches in Israel and more.

The activities of the association versus government sources (Government Ministries, Knesset (Israeli parliament), Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor).
Updates about relevant legislations concerning the electronics and software industries.
New and valid standards, adoption of new standards and the implication of these standards on the industry.

I am confident that this website will be a invaluable source of information to the companies that are members in the association, and to the companies that are interested in the electronics and software industries in Israel and around the world.
We are open to any suggestions to enhance and improve our website.

Best Regards,
Merav Kenan
Director General


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