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Orbotech is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and service of yield-enhancing and production solutions for specialized applications in the supply chain of the electronics industry. Orbotech’s products include automated optical inspection (“AOI”) and process ...
CEO: Mr. Asher Levy
Address: P.O.Box 215, Yavne
Phone: 972-89423533
Fax: 972-89438769
ECI provides advanced telecommunications solutions to leading carriers and service providers worldwide. By translating a deep understanding of their needs into innovative, technologically advanced solutions, ECI enables its customers to increase the value of the infrastructure of their networks and ...
Chairman of Board Mr. Rafi Maor
Address: 30 Hasivim St, Petah Tikva
Phone: 972-39266555
Fax: 972-39287100
Ms. Navva Shmueli - V.P. Financing Electronic assemblies' domain is now the infrastructure in the high - tech world. Electronic circuit board assembly requires meeting the highest professional standards. This is why you need to be strict, high quality, efficient and quick. At UNI electronic ...
General Manager: Mr. Ezra shmueli
Address: Meshek 71, Doar Na Mercaz, Moshav Beit Nechemia
Phone: 972-39711733
Fax: 972-39711734
Cisco is a leading supplier of open end-to-end digital pay-TV solutions for the secure delivery of entertainment and information to television set-top boxes and IP devices with annual revenues of over $390 million in 2003. Cisco enables broadcasters, network operators, and content providers to ...
General Manager: Mr. Yael Vila
Address: 5a HaMarpeh Street, Har Hotzvim P.O.Box 23012, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25894444
Fax: 972-25894400
Main Business Areas: SANRAD is the leader in IP Storage Networking, enabling hundreds of organizations worldwide to effectively access, share and manage storage across standard Ethernet environments. SANRAD delivers a new dimension in the continuity and simple management of vital business ...
CEO: Mr. Oded Ilan
Address: A'nechoshet 4 St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-37674800
Fax: 972-36474104
PowerNet Limited is a privately held Israeli start-up company working in the are and cables of integrated local area networks and applications utilising the existing power-line grid within buildings and tailored to home and small business users where ease of installation and setup procedures are an ...
Managing Director: Mr. Mandel Norman
Address: 10 Kehilat Venezia St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36124640
Fax: 972-36124650
Taditel designs and manufactures solutions based on Microelectronic technologies for the automotive, telecom, avionics, medical and hi-tech industries. The company is a tier 2 OEM automotive electronics modules supplier (ignitions, various sensors, voltage regulators and control units). Taditel ...
CEO: Mr. Shachar Kadshai
Address: 18 Hasivim st. P.O.Box 500, Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39261391
Fax: 972-39262572
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