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A.L Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd is a well-equipped manufacturing company offering a world class, full spectrum of electronic manufacturing services, from new product engineering to direct shipping to the end customer. A.L. Electronics has the expertise to build your ...
CEO Mr. Aharon Levy
Address: 24 Giron Abraham St. PO Box 2742, Yehud
Phone: 03-5395100
Development, production and marketing of Microelectronic Thin Film Components for the wireless communication market, including RF Filters, RF Directional Couplers, RF Inductors, RF Capacitors, SMD Micro-Fuses.
Managing Director: Mr. Shay levy
Address: P.O.Box 45008, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25720111
Fax: 972-25815999
IR Detectors: InSb and HgCdTe/GaAs Uncooled VOx Bolometers High Power Laser Diodes.
President: Mr. Baruch Glick
Address: P.O.Box 2250, Haifa
Phone: 04-49902535
Fax: 04-49902686
Telco Systems, a BATM Company, is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of IP & TDM Data Communication Devices for the Local Area Networks and Edge Access devices for LAN to WAN communication. Telco Systems, a BATM Company, sells its products through OEM agreements and distributors. Full information ...
Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Zvi Marom
Address: P.O.Box 7318, Hod Hasharon
Phone: 972-98662525
Fax: 972-98662500
Microwave components and subassemblies: Microwave oscillators (Synthesizers, DTOs, FLOs and VCOs) Microwave control components based on PIN diodes (Switches, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, etc.). Customized microwave and millimeter wave integrated assemblies (IMA's) and ...
General Manager: Mr. Yonah Adelman
Address: POB 53278, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25689444
Fax: 972-26782460
Main Business Areas: P.M.I. company provides electronic manufacturing services of different kinds for civilian and military markets. The company was founded in 1988. It employs over 50 people and its plant is about 1000 square meters. The company has a special department for START UP companies ...
CEO: Mr. Yuval Manzur
Address: Alma house Haharash street 17, Nes-Zyona
Phone: 08-89405199
Fax: 08-89300389
Automated High Speed Optical Metrology Systems for the Semi-conductor Industry.
President: Mr. Ori Tadmor
Address: 1 Halavian st. POB 143, Migdal Ha'Emek
Phone: 972-46449408
Fax: 972-46449450
MCL develops, licenses and provides Aluminum-based advanced multilayer substrates for the high-power electronics industry. MCL proprietary ALOX™ substrate and packaging technology has superior thermal management and excellent reliability that result in higher, yet cost effective, ...
CEO: Mr. Uri Mirsky
Address: Halavyan 4 Ramat-Gabriel Industrial Zone P.O.Box 470 , Migdal HaEmek
Phone: 972-46442666
Mobile Phone: 052-2477629
Fax: 972-46442665
Taditel designs and manufactures solutions based on Microelectronic technologies for the automotive, telecom, avionics, medical and hi-tech industries. The company is a tier 2 OEM automotive electronics modules supplier (ignitions, various sensors, voltage regulators and control units). Taditel ...
CEO: Mr. Shachar Kadshai
Address: 18 Hasivim st. P.O.Box 500, Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39261391
Fax: 972-39262572
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