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Orbotech is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and service of yield-enhancing and production solutions for specialized applications in the supply chain of the electronics industry. Orbotech’s products include automated optical inspection (“AOI”) and process ...
CEO: Mr. Asher Levy
Address: P.O.Box 215, Yavne
Phone: 972-89423533
Fax: 972-89438769
Company profile : ORBIT/FR is a multi-national company located in the United States, Israel and Germany. ORBIT/FR is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in the development, manufacturing and support of sophisticated field-proven automated antenna measurement system and components for ...
Managing Director: Mr. Moshe Pinkasy
Address: 1 Gesher Ha'Ets Street, P.O.Box 12096 Hadera-Emek Hefer Industrial Park, Hadera
Phone: 972-074-7130130
Fax: 972-46247375
ORBIT is a global provider of advanced business and mission critical communication solutions for land, sea, air and space applications. The company’s solutions address the maritime, aerospace, defense and homeland security markets. ORBIT’s portfolio includes mobile satellite communication systems, ...
CEO: Mr. Eitan Livneh
Address: 8c Hatzoran St., P.O.B 8657 , Netanya
Phone: 972-98922777
Fax: 972-98922721
Adva Optical Networking Israel LTD, formally Biran Hi-Tech Consulting Ltd was acquired, by ADVA Optical Networking SE in Jan 2013. Biran Hi-Tech Ltd was founded by Gil Biran in 2008 to provide outsourcing of R&D in streamlining mobile network operations, with a focus on LTE 4G networks. ADVA ...
General Manager Mr. Gil Biran
Address: P.O.Box 2552 2 Hatidhar Street, Raanana
Phone: 972-95775050
Fax: 972-95775060
Development, production and marketing of Microelectronic Thin Film Components for the wireless communication market, including RF Filters, RF Directional Couplers, RF Inductors, RF Capacitors, SMD Micro-Fuses.
Managing Director: Mr. Shay levy
Address: P.O.Box 45008, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25720111
Fax: 972-25815999
EIM Systems & Components is engaged in design, engineering, production and installation of electronics and electrical systems for OEMs in the military and industrial markets complying to customers' requirements.
CEO: Mr. Itzhak Samuel
Address: 18 , Hasivim St. POB 7551, Petach Tikva
Phone: 972-39208200
Fax: 972-39215010
ECI provides advanced telecommunications solutions to leading carriers and service providers worldwide. By translating a deep understanding of their needs into innovative, technologically advanced solutions, ECI enables its customers to increase the value of the infrastructure of their networks and ...
Chairman of Board Mr. Rafi Maor
Address: 30 Hasivim St, Petah Tikva
Phone: 972-39266555
Fax: 972-39287100
Alcatel builds next generation networks, delivering integrated end-to-end voice and data networking solutions to established and new carriers, as well as enterprises and consumers worldwide.
CEO: Mr. Aric Tal
Address: 16 Atir-Yeda St., Kfar-Saba
Phone: 972-97933000
ELTA Systems Ltd., a Group and a wholly owned subsidiary of IAI, is one of Israel's leading defense electronics companies and one of the global leaders in some of its areas of expertise. ELTA operates as a house of defense systems based on electromagnetic sensors (Radar, Electronic Warfare and ...
Acting President, ELTA Systems Ltd: Mr. Nissim Hadas
Address: 100 Yitzchak Hanassi Blvd. P.O.B 330, Ashdod
Phone: 972-88572312
Mobile Phone: 972-88572410
Fax: 972-88564568
Founded in 1988, MRV Communications, Inc. is a leading supplier of unlimited connectivity solutions for networks that scale in size, speed, distance and complexity. Our scalable network solutions include metro and last-mile Ethernet, Free Space Optics (FSO), Optical Transport and Remote Presence ...
General Manager: Mr. Shmuel Haham
Address: P.O. Box 614, Yokneam
Phone: 972-49936200
Fax: 972-49892743
MTS Ltd. is a worldwide provider for Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) for comprehensive telecommunication management, expense management, and customer care & billing solutions. Utilizing our powerful tools, companies will gain control over communications expenses, ...
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Eitan Bar
Address: 22 Zarhin St., Ra'anana
Phone: 972-97621777
Fax: 972-97466597
AMIMON develops and manufactures HD wireless video modules recognized as the standard solution of real time wireless video for the medical, pro camera and A/V installation and other markets. Its highly disruptive digital & RF semiconductor video modem technology addresses the stringent requirements ...
President & CEO Mr. Ram Ofir
Address: 2 Maskit St. P.O.Box 12618, Herzliya
Phone: 972-99629200
Main Business Areas: Asine is a unique company that produces embedded and rugged solutions for Industrial, Defense, Military, Aerospace, Avionic and Automotive environments. Asine designs and manufactures two product lines:
A. Flash Disk - boards - PMC, VME, cPCI and mTCA/AMC. Our brand is ...
CEO: Mr. Shlomo Haddad
Address: 20 Histadroot St, Hod-Hasharon
Phone: 972-97403048
Fax: 972-97488193
EWS is a system integrator and convergence In-building specialist. We plan, design, install and manage wireless systems. EWS was formed and incorporated in June 2002 with the intent of providing high quality and unique services for the In-building market, focusing on rapidly expanding mobile ( ...
C.E.O: Mr. Luca Bercovici
Address: Jerusalem
Phone: 050-7701311
Actelis Networks is the first company to enable service providers to deliver fiber-quality symmetrical broadband services over their existing copper plant.
Actelis products deliver scalable symmetrical bandwidth for a wide range of applications including Ethernet, Transport, and various ATM ...
President, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder: Mr. Tuvia Barlev
Address: 25 Bazel St. P.O.B. 10173, Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39243491
Fax: 972-39243492
Telco Systems, a BATM Company, is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of IP & TDM Data Communication Devices for the Local Area Networks and Edge Access devices for LAN to WAN communication. Telco Systems, a BATM Company, sells its products through OEM agreements and distributors. Full information ...
Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Zvi Marom
Address: P.O.Box 7318, Hod Hasharon
Phone: 972-98662525
Fax: 972-98662500
BAE Systems Rokar specializes in the development, production maintenance, and technical support of high-quality defense products in the areas of: * Electronic countermeasures * Dispensing systems * GPS navigation * Test equipment * Armament control systems
BAE Systems Rokar delivers ...
General Manager: Mr. Nir Lavi
Address: at the Mount Hotzvim Science Based Industry Campus 11 Hartum St. P.O.Box 45049, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25329888
Fax: 972-25822522
As a leading system integrator in Israel and an emerging player in the international arena, Bynet Data Communications has been providing comprehensive and complete solutions to meet the ICT and telecom needs of organizations for more then 35 years. Combined with professional services that ensure the ...
CEO: Mr. Alon Ben-Zur
Address: 8 Hanechoshet St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36458080
Fax: 972-36488068
Mr. Elisha Yanay - Chairman Company Profile Beeper Communications Israel was established in 1988 by Motorola Israel Ltd. and Beeper-Pagecall and since then serves as the leading provider of emergency communication, homeland security applications and a nationwide paging system. Beeper operates ...
CEO: Mr. Ilan Friedland
Address: Bialik 147 St., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-36100064
Mobile Phone: 972-36100065
Fax: 972-36104396
Belcom Microwaves Ltd. develops and markets microwave standard & custom transceivers for wireless systems, VSAT systems and LMDS systems, for both analog and digital applications in frequencies up to 40 GHz and power levels up to 50W. The company also develops and manufactures microwave components ...
President: Mr. Hanan Fridman
Address: Ramat Gabriel Ind. Park, P.O.Box 907, Migdal Ha'Emek
Phone: 972-46417600
Fax: 972-46417628
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