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The company has 3 subsidiaries: Orpak Systems:75% Transway: 100% Track-Tec: 60%
Managing Director: Mr. Alex Milner
Address: 31 Lechi St. POB 1461, Bnei-Brak
Phone: 972-35776730
Fax: 972-35776701
VoIP for wireline and converged, cable, broadband and enhanced voice services applications. AudioCodes Ltd. (NASDAQ: AUDC) enables the new voice infrastructure by providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective Voice over Packet technology and Voice Network products to OEMs, network equipment ...
President and CEO: Mr. Shabtai Adlersberg
Address: 1 Hayarden Street, Airport City, Lod
Phone: 972-39764000
Fax: 972-39764040
Development, manufacturing and marketing of Solar Blind UV corona cameras, imagers, sensors and optical filters.
CEO & General Manager: Mr. Moshe Goldbaum
Address: 13a Einstein Street Weitzman Science Park P.O.Box 4016, Nes Ziona
Phone: 972-89407953
Fax: 972-89407873
Mobile Services including SMS , LBS and Field Force Management.
CEO: Mr. Moty Shemesh
Address: 11 HaAvoda St. P.O.B 1417, Rosh Ha'ain
Phone: 972-39102286
Fax: 972-39102289
Main Business Areas: * Fuel Payment based on Vehicle ID * Retail Solutions for Petrol Stations and convenience stores * Fleet / Fuel Management Systems * Outdoor Payment Terminals * Taxi Meters & Taxi Management System
CEO & President: Mr. Shay Bakfan
Address: 31 Lechi St. POB 1461, Bnei-Brak
Phone: 972-35776868
Fax: 972-35796310
Chairman: Mr. Amiram Shore ENT excels at identifying and bringing to market innovative technologies with real-world business applications - connecting outstanding solutions with outstanding opportunities. With a leading management team of multi-disciplinary technological and international ...
CEO: Mr. Samuel Herman
Address: 33 Jabotinsky St., Ramat-Gan
Phone: 972-36130929
Fax: 972-36130935
eToro is the first global market place for people to trade currencies, commodities, indices and stocks online in a simple, transparent and more enjoyable way. Today, we empower over 2.75 million users in more than 140 countries worldwide to manage their funds through our innovative online ...
CEO: Mr. Yoni Assia
Address: Ha'barzel 32 St. Ramat - Ha'haial, Tel - Aviv
Phone: 073-2656600
Fax: 03-3730099
Background IP-DOT Ltd., formerly AAI Ltd. is among Israel's experienced companies (founded in August 1995), which has been developing computerized systems and management applications for decision makers in companies and organizations. Those applications work in an advanced environment (intranet ...
C.E.O Mr. Iphtach Cohen
Address: HaNarkisim 24 St., Atlit
Phone: 972-49541790
Fax: 972-49541793
Founded in October 1998, AlmondNet is an infrastructure technology company that provides advanced ad serving solutions as an ASP. The company develops privacy-sensitive profile-valued advertising solutions in order to realize the Internet's potential as a true one-to-one marketing platform. ...
Co-Founder & Chairman: Mr. Micha Shkedi
Address: 7a Hashalom Road, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36091711
Fax: 972-36091712
ELTA Systems Ltd., a Group and a wholly owned subsidiary of IAI, is one of Israel's leading defense electronics companies and one of the global leaders in some of its areas of expertise. ELTA operates as a house of defense systems based on electromagnetic sensors (Radar, Electronic Warfare and ...
Acting President, ELTA Systems Ltd: Mr. Nissim Hadas
Address: 100 Yitzchak Hanassi Blvd. P.O.B 330, Ashdod
Phone: 972-88572312
Mobile Phone: 972-88572410
Fax: 972-88564568
Actelis Networks is the first company to enable service providers to deliver fiber-quality symmetrical broadband services over their existing copper plant.
Actelis products deliver scalable symmetrical bandwidth for a wide range of applications including Ethernet, Transport, and various ATM ...
President, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder: Mr. Tuvia Barlev
Address: 25 Bazel St. P.O.B. 10173, Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39243491
Fax: 972-39243492
As a leading system integrator in Israel and an emerging player in the international arena, Bynet Data Communications has been providing comprehensive and complete solutions to meet the ICT and telecom needs of organizations for more then 35 years. Combined with professional services that ensure the ...
CEO: Mr. Alon Ben-Zur
Address: 8 Hanechoshet St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36458080
Fax: 972-36488068
BacSoft is a technology leader in the field of automation and wireless control for industrial systems and production lines. Special expertise in batch production has made BacSoft a leading solution supplier to pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Over time, BacSoft brought its field-proven ...
General Manager: Mr. Ilan Feldman
Address: D.N.Negev, Kibbutz Nir Ytzhak
Phone: 972-89989686
Fax: 972-89989906
Giga is a leading Israeli software house with 25 years of experience in developing multi disciplinary systems, providing solutions for high tech firms, financial institutions, for both the business sector and the defense industry. We focus on 4 product lines - medical diagnostics systems, cellular ...
President: Mr. Yuval Eshel
Address: 7 Ha'oumanim St, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36245000
Fax: 972-36248000
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (Nasdaq: GILTF) is a leading provider of satellite and hybrid telecommunication solutions and operations. Gilat operates under two business units, Gilat Network Solutions (GNS) and Gilat Network Operations (GNO). With over 500,000 Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) ...
CEO: Mr. Dov Baharav
Address: 21 Yegia Kapayim Street Kiryat Arye, Petah Tikva
Phone: 972-39252000
Fax: 972-39252222
Cloud-based Converged Communications via HTML-5. IPgallery = empowers the Internet of Everything with a unique Service Delivery & Orchestration Platform along with converged Voice, Data, Chat, Messaging and Video Applications on any device, anywhere, anytime. IPgallery's communication solution ...
Co-founder, President & CEO Mr. Avihai Degani
Address: 117 Ahuza street, Ra'anana
Phone: 972-9-7747011
Fax: 972-9-7747016
Sonar and Underwater Acoustic solutions * Diver Detection Sonar System / Harbor Surveillance Syst. * Mobile Acoustic Range * Submarine (ASW) Simulator * Generic Sonar Simulator * Sonar Upgrade Program Energy Safety and Security Command & Control Systems RT and Embedded Systems * ...
CEO: Mr. Benny Sela
Address: 2 Rechavam Zeevi St., Givat Shmuel
Phone: 972-35313333
Fax: 972-35313322
Verint Systems is a leading provider of analytic software-based solutions for the security and business intelligence markets. Verint solutions transform voice, video, and text into actionable intelligence - mission-critical insights for achieving strategic goals. Government and commercial ...
Managing Director: Mr. Meir Sperling
Address: 33 Maskit St., Herzeliya
Phone: 972-99624119
Fax: 972-99624100
WizSoft's software products: WizCount: ERP application for small-medium businesses used by about 80% of the businesses in Israel.
WizCount Reconciliation: issues bank and account reconciliation. Reveals one-to-one and many-to-many matches. WizRule: data auditing tool based on data-mining ...
President and CEO: Dr. Abraham Meidan
Address: 3 Beit-Hillel Street,, Tel-Aviv
Phone: 972-35631948
Fax: 972-35611945
Main Business Areas: TI Short Distance Wireless Business Unit part of the TI Wireless Terminal Business Unit. The Raanana Center is home to the management, marketing, applications and development for the TI range of Bluetooth products. These include Bluetooth Baseband, Radio Frequency (RF) and ...
General Manager: Mr. Moshe Hillel
Address: 26 Zarhin St. P.O.Box 2329, Raanana
Phone: 972-97476969
Fax: 972-97430951
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