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AMIMON develops and manufactures HD wireless video modules recognized as the standard solution of real time wireless video for the medical, pro camera and A/V installation and other markets. Its highly disruptive digital & RF semiconductor video modem technology addresses the stringent requirements ...
President & CEO Mr. Ram Ofir
Address: 2 Maskit St. P.O.Box 12618, Herzliya
Phone: 972-99629200
HUMS-Health Usage Management Systems for Aircraft Engines & Helicopter, aircraft utility and flight control systems, Jet Engines-Gas Turbines, electronic control and monitoring equipment, Muzzle Velocity Radar for artillery guns. Electrical Power - Control of turbines and generators.
President & CEO: Mr. Zeev Degani
Address: Ramat Gabriel Industrial Zone POB 21, Migdal Ha'Emek
Phone: 972-46547510
Fax: 972-46547520
Giga is a leading Israeli software house with 25 years of experience in developing multi disciplinary systems, providing solutions for high tech firms, financial institutions, for both the business sector and the defense industry. We focus on 4 product lines - medical diagnostics systems, cellular ...
President: Mr. Yuval Eshel
Address: 7 Ha'oumanim St, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36245000
Fax: 972-36248000
Develop, produce and market an innovative platform technology for diagnostics and therapy of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
Site Leader and VP R&D Laurence Keselbrener, PhD
Address: New Industrial Park P.O.B. 258, Yoqneam
Phone: 972-4-909-7965
Fax: 972-4-959-3859
Founded in 1997, Galil Medical Ltd. designs and develops novel minimally invasive cryotherapy technology for various clinical applications. Galil’s technology involves freezing and thereby ablating diseased tissue in a technique commonly referred to as cryotherapy. Galil’s technology, involving 17 ...
Mr. Dror Trumer
Address: Shaar Yoqneam 1 Tavor Building, Yoqneam
Phone: 972-49591080
Fax: 972-49591077
HypnoCore Ltd. has developed an innovative and cost effective software solution for the evaluation and diagnosis of sleep disorders that combines convenience, efficiency, reliability and accuracy. The solution includes sophisticated analysis of electrocardiogram (ECG) using complex algorithms to ...
CEO: Dr. Anda Baharav
Address: POB 7435, Petah Tikva
Phone: 972-732903400
Visionsense (Formerly: Envision Advanced Medical Systems) has developed a patented breakthrough software-driven vision sensor for minimally invasive surgery ("MIS"), which provides the MIS surgeon with real-time, high-resolution, natural stereoscopic vision and the advantages normally ...
VP Research & Development and Israeli Site Manager Mr. Ofer Braude
Address: 20 Hamagshimim St., Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39244339
Fax: 972-39244335
NowForce is a complete mobile command and control solution for emergency response organizations of all sizes, offering state-of-the-art features that guarantee optimal response to every kind of event, no matter how fast-paced or complex. The system's up-to-the-minute capabilities equip ...
CEO: Mr. Assaf Shafran
Address: 19 Hartum St. Bynet Building, 8th floor, Har Hotzvim POB 45432, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-26722770
Fax: 972-26722773
Part of Sanmina-SCI cooperation, contract manufacturer of high-end electronic components, highly complicated machines and complex products, including integration as well as sub-systems and systems assembly. The Company offers a wide range of Medical and Industrial applications, with total turnkey ...
Managing Director: Mr. Mark Kraizer
Address: Maalot Industrial Zone P.O.Box 102, Maalot
Phone: 972-49079222
Fax: 972-49079234
Development and Manufacturing of Diagnostic Medical Imaging by Computerized Tomography (CT).
General Manager Mr. Guido Pardo-Roques
Address: Philips Building No.34 P.O.B 325, Haifa
Phone: 972-48310465
Fax: 972-48310530
Taditel designs and manufactures solutions based on Microelectronic technologies for the automotive, telecom, avionics, medical and hi-tech industries. The company is a tier 2 OEM automotive electronics modules supplier (ignitions, various sensors, voltage regulators and control units). Taditel ...
CEO: Mr. Shachar Kadshai
Address: 18 Hasivim st. P.O.Box 500, Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39261391
Fax: 972-39262572
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