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The company has 3 subsidiaries: Orpak Systems:75% Transway: 100% Track-Tec: 60%
Managing Director: Mr. Alex Milner
Address: 31 Lechi St. POB 1461, Bnei-Brak
Phone: 972-35776730
Fax: 972-35776701
Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT) is a world leader in the development and manufacture of systems, blades and processes used in the dicing of silicon-based ICs and hard material Microelectronic Components (MEC). ADT offers dicing equipment with a variety of capabilities and levels of automation to ...
President & CEO: Mr. Yaron Barkan
Address: 5 HaMada St. P.O.Box 87 Hi-Tech Park (South), Yokneam
Phone: 972-48545222
Fax: 972-48550007
CEO: Mr. Alon Bar-Shani
Address: Rehovot
Phone: 972-89381818
Fax: 972-89381338
The Control and Infomation Technology Group of MKS Instruments is a supplier of control system products for industrial applocations mainly for ths semiconductor equipment companies.
CEO: Mr. Ran Levi
Address: 2 Yosfat St., Brosh Bldg. North Industrial Park POBox 1051, Lod
Phone: 972-39135100
Fax: 972-39135151
Development and manufacturing of cutting - edge metrology and inspection products, which are essential elements in the wafer fabrication process of semiconductors.
CEO: Mr. Ofer Greenberger
Address: 9, Openheimer St., Rehovot
Phone: 972-89488888
Fax: 972-89488488
Development and production of X-Ray Metrology and Elemental analysis tools for the Semiconductor and the general analytic market. Ownership: Jordan Valley’s Main shareholder is Clal Electronics Industries Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Isaac Mazor
Address: Ramat Gavriel Industrial Zone P.O.Box 103 , Migdal H'aemek
Phone: 972-46543666
Fax: 972-46547472
Sonar and Underwater Acoustic solutions * Diver Detection Sonar System / Harbor Surveillance Syst. * Mobile Acoustic Range * Submarine (ASW) Simulator * Generic Sonar Simulator * Sonar Upgrade Program Energy Safety and Security Command & Control Systems RT and Embedded Systems * ...
CEO: Mr. Benny Sela
Address: 2 Rechavam Zeevi St., Givat Shmuel
Phone: 972-35313333
Fax: 972-35313322
IBM is a worldwide leader in the creation, development and manufacturing of the industry's most advanced information technologies including computer systems, storage devices, software and professional services. IBM offers a wide range of computing platforms: e-server servers line including ...
General Manager: Mr. Daniel Malka
Address: 94 Derech Em-Hamoshavot, Kiryat Arie, Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39188111
Fax: 972-39188199
Part of Sanmina-SCI cooperation, contract manufacturer of high-end electronic components, highly complicated machines and complex products, including integration as well as sub-systems and systems assembly. The Company offers a wide range of Medical and Industrial applications, with total turnkey ...
Managing Director: Mr. Mark Kraizer
Address: Maalot Industrial Zone P.O.Box 102, Maalot
Phone: 972-49079222
Fax: 972-49079234
Automated High Speed Optical Metrology Systems for the Semi-conductor Industry.
President: Mr. Ori Tadmor
Address: 1 Halavian st. POB 143, Migdal Ha'Emek
Phone: 972-46449408
Fax: 972-46449450
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