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Development, manufacturing and marketing of Solar Blind UV corona cameras, imagers, sensors and optical filters.
CEO & General Manager: Mr. Moshe Goldbaum
Address: 13a Einstein Street Weitzman Science Park P.O.Box 4016, Nes Ziona
Phone: 972-89407953
Fax: 972-89407873
Founded in October 1998, AlmondNet is an infrastructure technology company that provides advanced ad serving solutions as an ASP. The company develops privacy-sensitive profile-valued advertising solutions in order to realize the Internet's potential as a true one-to-one marketing platform. ...
Co-Founder & Chairman: Mr. Micha Shkedi
Address: 7a Hashalom Road, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36091711
Fax: 972-36091712
AMIMON develops and manufactures HD wireless video modules recognized as the standard solution of real time wireless video for the medical, pro camera and A/V installation and other markets. Its highly disruptive digital & RF semiconductor video modem technology addresses the stringent requirements ...
President & CEO Mr. Ram Ofir
Address: 2 Maskit St. P.O.Box 12618, Herzliya
Phone: 972-99629200
Main Business Areas: Asine is a unique company that produces embedded and rugged solutions for Industrial, Defense, Military, Aerospace, Avionic and Automotive environments. Asine designs and manufactures two product lines:
A. Flash Disk - boards - PMC, VME, cPCI and mTCA/AMC. Our brand is ...
CEO: Mr. Shlomo Haddad
Address: 20 Histadroot St, Hod-Hasharon
Phone: 972-97403048
Fax: 972-97488193
EWS is a system integrator and convergence In-building specialist. We plan, design, install and manage wireless systems. EWS was formed and incorporated in June 2002 with the intent of providing high quality and unique services for the In-building market, focusing on rapidly expanding mobile ( ...
C.E.O: Mr. Luca Bercovici
Address: Jerusalem
Phone: 050-7701311
BacSoft is a technology leader in the field of automation and wireless control for industrial systems and production lines. Special expertise in batch production has made BacSoft a leading solution supplier to pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Over time, BacSoft brought its field-proven ...
General Manager: Mr. Ilan Feldman
Address: D.N.Negev, Kibbutz Nir Ytzhak
Phone: 972-89989686
Fax: 972-89989906
HypnoCore Ltd. has developed an innovative and cost effective software solution for the evaluation and diagnosis of sleep disorders that combines convenience, efficiency, reliability and accuracy. The solution includes sophisticated analysis of electrocardiogram (ECG) using complex algorithms to ...
CEO: Dr. Anda Baharav
Address: POB 7435, Petah Tikva
Phone: 972-732903400
Tehouti Networks provides solutions-on-chip- (SoCs) for accelerating TCP/IP processing in 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks. The solutions improve processing performance up to five times over traditional approaches and provides significant cost and benefits to original equipment manufacturers and IT ...
CEO: Mr. Moshe Shahaf
Address: 1, Shenkar St., Hertzliya
Phone: 972-99606430
Fax: 972-99511989
USR Electronics started its activities in 1984 and has rapidly become one of the leaders in the EMS market – Electronic manufacturing services. The company provides outsourcing services and turn key solutions to companies in high-tech communications and the video, safety, medical, industrial and ...
CEO Mr. Eddie Guez
Address: 19 Napach St. Industrial Park, Karmiel
Phone: 972-49904000
Fax: 972-49585851
Digital Video Surveillance solutions (Retail, Homeland and perimeters security, private estate).
CEO: Mr. Eli Sahar
Address: POB 180 Emek Sorek, Beit Hanan
Phone: 972-35619770
Fax: 972-35619772
NowForce is a complete mobile command and control solution for emergency response organizations of all sizes, offering state-of-the-art features that guarantee optimal response to every kind of event, no matter how fast-paced or complex. The system's up-to-the-minute capabilities equip ...
CEO: Mr. Assaf Shafran
Address: 19 Hartum St. Bynet Building, 8th floor, Har Hotzvim POB 45432, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-26722770
Fax: 972-26722773
Netprotek is capitalizing on its innovative web tools and technologies and on its successful record as a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, to enable advanced, fully automatic web creation tools to private and commercial users. The company will also leverage on its intuitive web-to-cell ...
CEO: Mr. Menachem Jakubovitz
Address: Platin 1 St., Rishon Le Zion
Phone: 03-9415432
Fax: 03-9415416
Netex provides a revolutionary way for any user in any country, to find desired Internet sites. The Patent (pending) routing Technology enables users to locate Internet sites directly from their Internet browser. Netex is suitable for newcomers, non-professional users, and experienced users ...
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Aviv Refuah
Address: 1 Alexander Yanai St., Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39399190
Fax: 972-39399161
Softcad Technologies is a leading dynamic company in the circuits printed field for over 30 years. Softcad Technologies team providing a wide range of services for R&D departments of Hi-Tech companies, ...
CEO: Mr. Menashe Moritz
Address: George landor 1, Kiriat Bialik
Phone: 972-48737722
Fax: 972-48737723
PowerNet Limited is a privately held Israeli start-up company working in the are and cables of integrated local area networks and applications utilising the existing power-line grid within buildings and tailored to home and small business users where ease of installation and setup procedures are an ...
Managing Director: Mr. Mandel Norman
Address: 10 Kehilat Venezia St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36124640
Fax: 972-36124650
Fourier is a Hi-Tech privately held company, established in 1989. Fourier is active in two major busines arears: 1. Education: Fourier has become a worldwide leader of compact portable Computer Based Science Lab.’s and data logging devices and accessories for the education and industrial ...
CEO: Mr. Ken Zwiebel
Address: International Corporate Headquarters Hamelacha 16, Afek Industrial Park, Rosh Ha’Ayin
Phone: 972-39014849
Fax: 972-39014999
Promisec, Inc., provides agentless internal network security software. Promisec gives IT administrators visibility and control over corporate users and their computers, providing a real-time, clear picture of internal threats and the tools to neutralize them. The company’s products, Promisec ...
CEO and Co-Founder: Mr. Tal Zrfati
Address: 11 Moshe Levi St UMI Building, Rishon Le Zion
Phone: 972-39519533
Fax: 972-39518183
MyCheck – We make mobile payment happen! We connect customers, merchants, POSs and payment players and enable a smart payment experience. What began as a consumer facing app that aimed to reinvent the hospitality experience, is today a robust technology platform that is leveraged by small and ...
Co-Founder and Global CEO: Ms. Shlomit Kugler
Address: Habarzel 33 St. Tel Aviv,
Phone: 050-3335122
Financial Risk Management System
CEO: Mr. Hezi Dimant
Address: 23 Alfasi St., Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25619936
Fax: 972-25617465
Rubidium is continuously innovating industry leading speech processing solutions for embedded applications, such as TTS, ASR, Speech Compression and Biometric Speaker Identification. We help OEMs and ODMs provide their customers with a hands-free, safer and more productive user experience. Our low ...
CEO: Mr. Shlomo Peller
Address: 8 Hasadna St., Raanana
Phone: 972-97451412
Fax: 972-97451418
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