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A.L Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd is a well-equipped manufacturing company offering a world class, full spectrum of electronic manufacturing services, from new product engineering to direct shipping to the end customer. A.L. Electronics has the expertise to build your ...
CEO Mr. Aharon Levy
Address: 24 Giron Abraham St. PO Box 2742, Yehud
Phone: 03-5395100
Orbotech is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and service of yield-enhancing and production solutions for specialized applications in the supply chain of the electronics industry. Orbotech’s products include automated optical inspection (“AOI”) and process ...
CEO: Mr. Asher Levy
Address: P.O.Box 215, Yavne
Phone: 972-89423533
Fax: 972-89438769
Transformers, Power Supplies.
President: Mr. Dov Rapson
Address: 13, Hamasger Str. P.O.Box 13008, Natanya
Phone: 972-98848877
Fax: 972-98848833
Main focus areas of Israeli subsidiaries
Intel Israel (74) • Haifa - IAG major Design Center in Israel and a leader of mobile computing • Yakum - Design Center for hardware • Jerusalem - Design Center of software, network and comm. Components Intel Electronics • Qiryat Gat - ...
Intel Israel General Manager: Mr. Yaniv Garty
Address: M.T.M. - Advanced Technology Center, POB 1659, Haifa
Phone: 972-48655711
Fax: 972-48655999
INTERLLIGENT - RF & Microwave Solutions is a market leader in the field of RF solutions. INTERLLIGENT specializes in RF & microwave technology and provides in-depth support to a large global customer base. Join our customer network and enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive RF expertise and ...
Founder, Owner & CEO: Mr. Oren Hagai
Address: 2 koyfman st. P.O.B 50217, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-35160763
Fax: 03-35163942
High quality Printed Circuit Boards (P.C.B.). We are specialized in Flex-Rigid PCB's, Blind/Buried vias as well as HDI (micro-vias). Our product line also includes: rigid boards up to 35 layers, flexible, backplanes, internal and external heat sinks and metal cores. Standards and approvals: ...
Managing Director: Mr. Arieh Reichart
Address: Sgoola Industrial Zone POB 159, Petah Tikva
Phone: 972-39395050
Fax: 972-39309581
ELTA Systems Ltd., a Group and a wholly owned subsidiary of IAI, is one of Israel's leading defense electronics companies and one of the global leaders in some of its areas of expertise. ELTA operates as a house of defense systems based on electromagnetic sensors (Radar, Electronic Warfare and ...
Acting President, ELTA Systems Ltd: Mr. Nissim Hadas
Address: 100 Yitzchak Hanassi Blvd. P.O.B 330, Ashdod
Phone: 972-88572312
Mobile Phone: 972-88572410
Fax: 972-88564568
Main Business Areas: Company profile STMicroelectronics was created in 1987 by the merger of SGS Microelettronica of Italy and Thomson Semiconducteurs of France with the aim of becoming a world leader in the sub-micron era. Since its formation, ST has grown faster than the semiconductor industry ...
Country manager: Mr. Mordehay Chouchan
Address: 1, Hamahshev St. Beit Shoam Ind, Natanya
Phone: 972-98632626
Fax: 972-98851039
IR Detectors: InSb and HgCdTe/GaAs Uncooled VOx Bolometers High Power Laser Diodes.
President: Mr. Baruch Glick
Address: P.O.Box 2250, Haifa
Phone: 04-49902535
Fax: 04-49902686
Main Business Areas: Asine is a unique company that produces embedded and rugged solutions for Industrial, Defense, Military, Aerospace, Avionic and Automotive environments. Asine designs and manufactures two product lines:
A. Flash Disk - boards - PMC, VME, cPCI and mTCA/AMC. Our brand is ...
CEO: Mr. Shlomo Haddad
Address: 20 Histadroot St, Hod-Hasharon
Phone: 972-97403048
Fax: 972-97488193
Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (NASDAQ:TSEM,TASE:TSEM), the global specialty foundry leader, its fully owned U.S. subsidiary Jazz Semiconductor and its fully owned Japanese subsidiary TowerJazz Japan, LTD, operate collectively under the brand name TowerJazz, manufacturing integrated circuits geometries ...
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Russell Ellwanger
Address: Ramat Gavriel P.O.Box 619, Migdal Haemeq
Phone: 972-46506611
Fax: 972-46547788
Tehouti Networks provides solutions-on-chip- (SoCs) for accelerating TCP/IP processing in 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks. The solutions improve processing performance up to five times over traditional approaches and provides significant cost and benefits to original equipment manufacturers and IT ...
CEO: Mr. Moshe Shahaf
Address: 1, Shenkar St., Hertzliya
Phone: 972-99606430
Fax: 972-99511989
IBM is a worldwide leader in the creation, development and manufacturing of the industry's most advanced information technologies including computer systems, storage devices, software and professional services. IBM offers a wide range of computing platforms: e-server servers line including ...
General Manager: Mr. Daniel Malka
Address: 94 Derech Em-Hamoshavot, Kiryat Arie, Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39188111
Fax: 972-39188199
Ms. Navva Shmueli - V.P. Financing Electronic assemblies' domain is now the infrastructure in the high - tech world. Electronic circuit board assembly requires meeting the highest professional standards. This is why you need to be strict, high quality, efficient and quick. At UNI electronic ...
General Manager: Mr. Ezra shmueli
Address: Meshek 71, Doar Na Mercaz, Moshav Beit Nechemia
Phone: 972-39711733
Fax: 972-39711734
CEO Mr. Yoel Gat
Address: 12 Hamada St., Rehovot
Phone: 972-8-9393200
Fax: 972-8-9393223
An industry leader in storage, communications, and consumer silicon solutions, Marvell is a technological leader that maintains the capability to provide unique solutions for fast growing markets. Marvell Israel develops technologies in three areas of expertise: Communication Switches and their ...
CEO: Mr. Guy Azrad
Address: 6 Hamada Street Mordot HaCarmel Industrial Park, Yokneam
Phone: 04-9091500
Fax: 04-9091556
NuvotonIsrael ("Advanced PC") is a leading of IC's, including I/O controllers, embedded controllers and integrated Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) for notebook, desktop and server platforms. Major customers include: Dell, HP, IBM, Quanta, Compal, Wistron and many others worldwide.
President & GM: Mr. Biranit Levany
Address: 8 Hasadnaot St. P.O.Box 3007, Herzlia B
Phone: 972-99702000
Fax: 972-99702001
Founded in 2012, Sckipio is the first semiconductor company focused on the exciting new ITU standard, G.Fast. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Sckipio was founded by a veteran team of communications experts with deep experience in broadband access and home networking solutions. Sckipio's 25-person ...
Chief Executive Officer Sckipio Mr. Dudi Baum
Address: 10 Ahaliav Street, Ramat Gan
Phone: 072-2502100
Payton Industries Ltd. is focusing on design manufacturing and selling of transformers and inductors. Payton is specializing in the planar technology, a high frequency transformer technology that enable the customers to reduce the magnetic component size up to 10 times while keeping very high ...
President: Mr. David Yativ
Address: 3 Haavoda St. , Nes Ziona
Phone: 972-39611164
Fax: 972-39616677
Main Business Areas: Fibernet Ltd was established in 1993, and is internationally recognized as a leading manufacturer and distributor of Fiber Optic and Electronic products. From its production facility of 4,500 square meters, the company team of 300 highly professional manufacturing ...
CEO: Mr. Avner Aslan
Address: Hakidma 9, Hi-tech park, Yoqneam
Phone: 972-49095529
Fax: 972-49590047
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