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ORBIT is a global provider of advanced business and mission critical communication solutions for land, sea, air and space applications. The company’s solutions address the maritime, aerospace, defense and homeland security markets. ORBIT’s portfolio includes mobile satellite communication systems, ...
CEO: Mr. Eitan Livneh
Address: 8c Hatzoran St., P.O.B 8657 , Netanya
Phone: 972-98922777
Fax: 972-98922721
Main Business Areas: * Fuel Payment based on Vehicle ID * Retail Solutions for Petrol Stations and convenience stores * Fleet / Fuel Management Systems * Outdoor Payment Terminals * Taxi Meters & Taxi Management System
CEO & President: Mr. Shay Bakfan
Address: 31 Lechi St. POB 1461, Bnei-Brak
Phone: 972-35776868
Fax: 972-35796310
EIM Systems & Components is engaged in design, engineering, production and installation of electronics and electrical systems for OEMs in the military and industrial markets complying to customers' requirements.
CEO: Mr. Itzhak Samuel
Address: 18 , Hasivim St. POB 7551, Petach Tikva
Phone: 972-39208200
Fax: 972-39215010
Development and manufacturing of cutting - edge metrology and inspection products, which are essential elements in the wafer fabrication process of semiconductors.
CEO: Mr. Ofer Greenberger
Address: 9, Openheimer St., Rehovot
Phone: 972-89488888
Fax: 972-89488488
HUMS-Health Usage Management Systems for Aircraft Engines & Helicopter, aircraft utility and flight control systems, Jet Engines-Gas Turbines, electronic control and monitoring equipment, Muzzle Velocity Radar for artillery guns. Electrical Power - Control of turbines and generators.
President & CEO: Mr. Zeev Degani
Address: Ramat Gabriel Industrial Zone POB 21, Migdal Ha'Emek
Phone: 972-46547510
Fax: 972-46547520
BacSoft is a technology leader in the field of automation and wireless control for industrial systems and production lines. Special expertise in batch production has made BacSoft a leading solution supplier to pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Over time, BacSoft brought its field-proven ...
General Manager: Mr. Ilan Feldman
Address: D.N.Negev, Kibbutz Nir Ytzhak
Phone: 972-89989686
Fax: 972-89989906
Development and production of X-Ray Metrology and Elemental analysis tools for the Semiconductor and the general analytic market. Ownership: Jordan Valley’s Main shareholder is Clal Electronics Industries Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Isaac Mazor
Address: Ramat Gavriel Industrial Zone P.O.Box 103 , Migdal H'aemek
Phone: 972-46543666
Fax: 972-46547472
Giga is a leading Israeli software house with 25 years of experience in developing multi disciplinary systems, providing solutions for high tech firms, financial institutions, for both the business sector and the defense industry. We focus on 4 product lines - medical diagnostics systems, cellular ...
President: Mr. Yuval Eshel
Address: 7 Ha'oumanim St, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36245000
Fax: 972-36248000
Microwave components and subassemblies: Microwave oscillators (Synthesizers, DTOs, FLOs and VCOs) Microwave control components based on PIN diodes (Switches, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, etc.). Customized microwave and millimeter wave integrated assemblies (IMA's) and ...
General Manager: Mr. Yonah Adelman
Address: POB 53278, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25689444
Fax: 972-26782460
Netex provides a revolutionary way for any user in any country, to find desired Internet sites. The Patent (pending) routing Technology enables users to locate Internet sites directly from their Internet browser. Netex is suitable for newcomers, non-professional users, and experienced users ...
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Aviv Refuah
Address: 1 Alexander Yanai St., Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39399190
Fax: 972-39399161
Part of Sanmina-SCI cooperation, contract manufacturer of high-end electronic components, highly complicated machines and complex products, including integration as well as sub-systems and systems assembly. The Company offers a wide range of Medical and Industrial applications, with total turnkey ...
Managing Director: Mr. Mark Kraizer
Address: Maalot Industrial Zone P.O.Box 102, Maalot
Phone: 972-49079222
Fax: 972-49079234
Executive VP : Mr. Isaac Ben-Bassat VP Marketing: Mr. Roy Hess The Mer Group is an independent, vertically-integrated provider of turnkey telecommunication and security solutions. By blending the experience of our various companies and businesses units into a synergy of skills, we are able to ...
President: Mr. Chaim Mer
Address: 5 Hazoref St., Holon
Phone: 972-35572555
Fax: 972-35567904
QualiTau offers a variety of semiconductor reliability test equipment for the characterization and development of semiconductor integrated circuits and discrete devices. Company Background: QualiTau, Inc. was founded in California on March 1991. In 1994, QualiTau Ltd. was established in Israel ...
CEO: Dr. Gadi Krieger
Address: QualiTau Ltd., Kiryat Weizmann Industrial Science Park, Nes-Zionna
Phone: 972-89404427
Fax: 972-89404516
Automated High Speed Optical Metrology Systems for the Semi-conductor Industry.
President: Mr. Ori Tadmor
Address: 1 Halavian st. POB 143, Migdal Ha'Emek
Phone: 972-46449408
Fax: 972-46449450
* Avionics: - Trainer Aircraft upgrades, Based on RADA'S Low Cost EGI and Mission Computer. - Flight Data Recorders for Fatigue, Engine and Avionics health monitoring and advanced ACMI and video debriefing - Advanced Debriefing Solutions including airborne digital recorders and ground ...
President & CEO: Maj. General (Res.) Herzle Bodinger
Address: 7 Giborei Israel St. P.O.Box 8606, Natanya
Phone: 972-98921111
Fax: 972-98855885
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