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Company profile : ORBIT/FR is a multi-national company located in the United States, Israel and Germany. ORBIT/FR is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in the development, manufacturing and support of sophisticated field-proven automated antenna measurement system and components for ...
Managing Director: Mr. Moshe Pinkasy
Address: 1 Gesher Ha'Ets Street, P.O.Box 12096 Hadera-Emek Hefer Industrial Park, Hadera
Phone: 972-074-7130130
Fax: 972-46247375
ORBIT is a global provider of advanced business and mission critical communication solutions for land, sea, air and space applications. The company’s solutions address the maritime, aerospace, defense and homeland security markets. ORBIT’s portfolio includes mobile satellite communication systems, ...
CEO: Mr. Eitan Livneh
Address: 8c Hatzoran St., P.O.B 8657 , Netanya
Phone: 972-98922777
Fax: 972-98922721
EIM Systems & Components is engaged in design, engineering, production and installation of electronics and electrical systems for OEMs in the military and industrial markets complying to customers' requirements.
CEO: Mr. Itzhak Samuel
Address: 18 , Hasivim St. POB 7551, Petach Tikva
Phone: 972-39208200
Fax: 972-39215010
General: Elbit Systems is a defense electronics company and a world leader in the area of defense projects and upgrade programs for airborne, naval and ground military platforms. The company is engaged in large scale, software intensive, command, control and communications programs. Elbit Systems ...
CEO: Mr. Bezhalel (Buzhi) Machlis
Address: Advanced Technology Park, Kiryat Weizmann P.O.Box 1165, Rehovot
Phone: 972-89386075
Fax: 972-89386125
* EW/Self Protection Systems for Airborne & Naval platforms. * Intelligence: ESM/ELINT/COMINT-DF Airborne, Shipborne & Ground Systems. * Communication. * C4I Systems. * Homeland Security. * Search & Rescue (SAR). * Spectrum Management & Control. * Microwave ...
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Edgar Maimon
Address: 48 Mivtza Kadesh St, Bene Beraq
Phone: 972-36175522
Fax: 972-36175850
BAE Systems Rokar specializes in the development, production maintenance, and technical support of high-quality defense products in the areas of: * Electronic countermeasures * Dispensing systems * GPS navigation * Test equipment * Armament control systems
BAE Systems Rokar delivers ...
General Manager: Mr. Nir Lavi
Address: at the Mount Hotzvim Science Based Industry Campus 11 Hartum St. P.O.Box 45049, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-25329888
Fax: 972-25822522
Giga is a leading Israeli software house with 25 years of experience in developing multi disciplinary systems, providing solutions for high tech firms, financial institutions, for both the business sector and the defense industry. We focus on 4 product lines - medical diagnostics systems, cellular ...
President: Mr. Yuval Eshel
Address: 7 Ha'oumanim St, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-36245000
Fax: 972-36248000
Main business areas: MBT Space Division offers a wide range of small to medium sized satellites. Amos family of satellites are geostationary orbit provides modern communications services in Israel, Europe, and East Coast of the United States. The horizon of observation satellites orbiting Earth at ...
CEO: Mr. Ofer Doron
Address: Yehud Industrial Zone POB 105, Yehud
Phone: 972-35314005
Fax: 972-35314130
Main Business Areas: MBT is a Division of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)/Systems, Missiles & Space Group, which is Israel’s largest defense industry. MBT Missiles serves as the Weapon Systems and Missiles House of IAI. MBT Missiles is a world leader in advanced weapons systems, specializing ...
General Manager: Mr. Ariel Malchi
Address: Yehud Industrial Zone P.O.Box 105, Yehud
Phone: 972-35314005
Fax: 972-35314130
Main Business Areas: MLM Division is the leading system integration house of Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. (IAI)/Systems, Missiles & Space Group. As a multifaceted design, development, and system engineering organization, MLM has the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to leverage its ...
Managing Director: Mr. Uri Sinai
Address: P.O.Box 45, Beer Yaakov
Phone: 972-89272425
Fax: 972-89272890
Main Business Areas: * Space Systems - Satellites & Small Launchers * Anti - Ballistic Missile Defense * Missiles & Guided Munitions; Attack UAV's * Air Defense; Suppression of Air Defense * Naval Systems * Electro Optics & Targeting Paylods for UAV's and Helicopters * C4I; ...
Acting General Manager: Mr. Shlomo Gold
Address: P.O.Box 105, Yehud
Phone: 972-35314025
Fax: 972-35314110
* Electro-optical Gyro-stabilized multi-sensor day/night payloads, Applications in Airborne, Sea and Ground Observation systems, manned or unmanned. * Turn-key Day/Night Observation and Targeting suites for Fixed Wing or Helicopters. * Inertial/Hybrid Navigation Systems and Components.
Managing Director: Mr. Shaul Shahar
Address: Yehud Industrial Zone, POB 75, Yehud
Phone: 972-35315003
Fax: 972-35315140
Netex provides a revolutionary way for any user in any country, to find desired Internet sites. The Patent (pending) routing Technology enables users to locate Internet sites directly from their Internet browser. Netex is suitable for newcomers, non-professional users, and experienced users ...
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Aviv Refuah
Address: 1 Alexander Yanai St., Petach-Tikva
Phone: 972-39399190
Fax: 972-39399161
Synel develops, manufactures and exports data collection hardware and software solutions for Time & Attendance, Access Control, Shop Floor Control and Job Costing applications, including biometric fingerprint verification, for a wide range of enterprise sizes and number of employees. Synel ...
President and CEO: Mr. Gabi Buganim
Address: 2 Hamada St., Yokneam
Phone: 972-49596760
Fax: 972-49590729
Senso-Optics Ltd. was founded in 2000, and is privately owned by Yaakov Dagan and Dr. Reuven Katz. The company co-owns Senso-Electronics Ltd, a subsidiary company, specializing in image processing algorithms and DSP systems. Company Vision Be a technology leader in State-of-the-Art THERMAL ...
President / CEO Mr. Dagan Yaakov
Address: Industrial Park P.O.B 600, Yokneam
Phone: 972-49935527
Fax: 972-49935894
Executive VP : Mr. Isaac Ben-Bassat VP Marketing: Mr. Roy Hess The Mer Group is an independent, vertically-integrated provider of turnkey telecommunication and security solutions. By blending the experience of our various companies and businesses units into a synergy of skills, we are able to ...
President: Mr. Chaim Mer
Address: 5 Hazoref St., Holon
Phone: 972-35572555
Fax: 972-35567904
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